January, 2017

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Do You Need a Math Tutor

Our Math Tutors can Help

Does your son or daughter need a math tutor? If so, Latarsha’s Math Tutorial located in Owings Mills, Maryland can help your student achieve academic math success. We will help your son or daughter build the fundamental math skills needed for better grades. Proficient math skills starts as early as pre-K. Our tutoring program use time tested approach to help students increase their math grades. Tutoring gives students the confidence needed for future success. Students need not feel uncomfortable about getting help. The more complex the math, the more additional math tutoring is needed. Now is the time to get your student on solid footing with math. Math is the type of subject, that once you are behind, it is difficult to catch up.

Our tutoring program uses time tested approaches to increase math proficiency. We use math drills and repetition. We believe drills and repetition builds permanent connections within the minds of our students. Practicing math problems at home and in school on a consistent basis is key. It will reinforce foundational math skills needed. It gives students the ability to tackle more complex math subjects in the future with ease.

Students work one on one with a qualified math tutor. The math tutor gets to know your students personally to identify their strengths and weakness. The math tutor then creates a custom plan to target the student’s developmental areas. The goal of our math tutors is to make sure your child’s math skills are at or above grade level. Upon completion of the plan, all students are evaluated to see if they have met their goals.

To learn more about our program, give us a call at 443-394-7337. You may also fill out our contact form at www.latarshasmathtutorial.com/contact-us/